The D7/D8 Permissions page displays "nice" translated permission names, but it can be less than straight-forward to find out the real permission names, especially on a non-English site. For example, the Shortcut core module has a permission called "Edit current shortcut set", and on a French-language site you'll see "Modifier l'ensemble de raccourcis actif". If you want to do something with this permission in code or need to get support for it, then you'll need to know that it's actually called: 'customize shortcut links'.

I'm proposing to add an option to display the machine names of the permissions in fly-over hints.

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Here's the patch, and this is what the option looks like:

permission checkbox

And one of the hints:

sample hint

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The patch applies to D7 and D8.

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Committed to D7 and D8.

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