With SMTP module enabled, Mailog doesn't track ANY email sent.

Why??? Any solution?


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Seems like smtp module overrules maillog... mails do get send when smtp enabled and maillog enabled and "sent e-mails" disabled

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Both modules are setting variable 'mail_system' to their own MailSystem implementation on enable / disable. The trick is to enable smtp first, afterwards maillog if you want to enable them both.

Beware: when you disable one of both modules, they will not reset to mailllog or smtp MailSystem implmentation, but instead to the Drupal default DefaultMailSystem.

Best usage is to enable only one of both modules.

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Even better, use http://drupal.org/project/mailsystem and select your mailsysteminterface class :)

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same problem with HTML Mail for Commerce Email

Even though I use mail system module, I can't choose maillog for site wide default because that will render my emails as plain text.

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even i don't have smpt module installed ,Mailog doesn't track ANY email sent.
any solution plz help me


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I'm using SMTP module to send out mails.
After installing the Maillog module - no mails are sent out from the system.
This is because the Maillog module on installation changes the system variable 'mail_system' and removes the Smtp from the mail_log system variable.

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I'm having the same issue with https://drupal.org/project/phpmailer. However, when I set the default mail system value to DrupalPHPMailer and the maillog setting to MaillogMailSystem, I'm able to send mail through DrupalPHPMailer but don't receive any log entries:

$conf['mail_system'] = array(
  'default-system' => 'DrupalPHPMailer',
  'maillog' => 'MaillogMailSystem',

Those values show up correctly in the mail_system admin screen; you could probably set them there without setting any $conf variables, but I wanted to nail it down.

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for me after adding SMTP module, maillog stop log , also after I disable the SMTP module and uncheck "Allow the e-mails to be sent." drupal continue sending emails !

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Maillog should be enabled after enabling the SMTP module.

I had the same problem.

Maillog was already installed and enabled, when I enabled SMTP module. Emails have been sent via SMTP module, but Maillog stopped logging.

The solution was, as vaguely described in the README.txt file, uninstalling Maillog, and re-installing it, after enabling any module altering the mail_system variable.

After that, mail_system variable should be:

    [default-system] => MaillogMailSystem
    [maillog] => MaillogMailSystem

Also, leave Allow the e-mails to be sent. option checked, to have Drupal continue delivering the emails.

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FYI I've worked on a patch to integrate SMTP and Maillog: #2653394: Integration with Maillog

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I switch to mail logger which is much better than maillog module.


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It seems to be enough to disable and reenable Maillog; you don't have to uninstall it, as far as I can see.

Mail Logger looks nice but I don't see a way to turn off sending email, which I need to do. I'm hoping that eventually the patch in #10 will be finished and merged!