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This is just a git diff 5dacfc8 -R

The scenario where I want to use this:
* My dev site is an automatic copy of my live site
* My dev site has a different settings.php which points at a different DB
* I can do $conf['shield_state'] = 1; in settings.php so the module settings are the same on all sites, but it's only actually enabled on dev

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Why would shield reproduce what can do?

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A short history: the original idea of the triggering the status on/off was initiated by NeverGone, see The idea was implemented, then dicussed and finally rejected at IRC channel.

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There is no need for this, given environment_modules.

Thanks for documenting it on the project page, pkiraly :)

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I've looked into environment_modules and it's a dirty hack that works in some cases, but messes with hook_boot in a way that can mess up a lot of stuff. Read source.

From the project page:

If you are using regular Drupal page caching and don't have bootstrap hooks disabled in settings.php, then you will see a significant performance hit from having this module configured. It doesn't disable the page cache, but it moves part of full bootstrap to hook_boot(). There should not be a noticeable performance hit for non-cached pages though.


There is no support for install/enable/disable hooks...

So i think in fact environment_modules should depend on bad_judgement and this feature makes sense.

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In fact this was implemented in #1604808: Disable checkbox on admin page and is in dev release.

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.