A Drupal 6.17 site, that I am now maintaining, has what appears to be a highly customized Flash image slider on the homepage. I also suspect that the homepage is not a 100% stock Drupal template. For usability concerns, the Flash image slider needs to be replaced with a JQuery-type slider. My research has turned up Nivo Slider for Drupal. Can someone with experience implementing Nivo Slider on top of Drupal please tell me:

1) Can I drop it anywhere on my homepage, in a div, for instance?

2) Can I customize the dimensions of the slider?

3) Is there a better solution?

I have checked out some blogs/tutorials but none address these questions that I have.


Nivo Slider Installation Tutorial Videos

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4



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Yes. The tricky part is getting the css right. Be sure to define the width and height of the viewer area, then place the thumbnails.

I also like to wrap the whole thing in a div and control the sizes that way as well.

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Roger that. Thanks. One other concern that I have, after reading the Nivo installation notes, is that there are modules that we currently have disabled that will need to be enabled for Nivo Slider. These are:

FileField Meta

ImageAPI ImageMagick



Do I need to worry about the current site breaking if I enable these modules above?


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Probably not. I would logout and click around to be sure.

Content Permissions could deny access to nodes if misconfigured. The rest of these modules shouldn't have any effect if you're not actively using them. Also backup first just in case.