My current setup is Drupal 7.9, PHP 5.3, Pathauto (latest -dev version), i18n, Entity Translation, and Tokens.

My problem is that when I set the Pathauto pattern to something using very basic tokens, like "content/[node:title]", it works fine. However, if I use the token "content/[node:source:title]", then Pathauto exhibits the following behavior:

  • It will not bulk update to the new pattern
  • If old aliases are deleted it will not create new aliases using the specified pattern

It seems to like some tokens and not others, though all of the tokens I am trying are available in the "Replacement patterns" section. I am happy to provide any additional debugging info that would be helpful.


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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

I don't believe that the entity translation module works with the [node:source:*] tokens - that's for core 'Content Translation' module.

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Ok, that clarifies the issue. Is there any token that Entity Translation does use that would reference the source language?

One of my content types uses Entity Translation for the title field, and I want to put the node title into the URL. However, I want the title to be the English title regardless of language, and I'm having an issue accomplishing that. I think a token similar to [node:source:*] would address that.