There's an extra token in the query of the module. This patch fixes it.

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I'm getting a notice now...

Notice: Undefined index: buttons in nodeformcols_nodeformcols_base_form_alter() (line 24 of ..../sites/all/modules/contrib/nodeformcols/nfccaptcha.module).


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This module doesn't seem to be so active anymore (and certainly not the CAPTCHA compatability submodule) but we use it on a old site so there is a updated patch that makes the CAPTCHA compatability module work again.

The two things this patches does is:

  1. Count on column captcha_type instead of module
  2. And check weight on action instead of buttons
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Hi ptrl, you're right about the module not being active, modules tend to slip when you no longer depend on them yourself. Would you like to become a maintainer?

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I understand completely Hugo, hope i didn't come of as hostile, wasn't my intend.

Thanks for the question but since I also no longer depend on it i wouldn't help much, think only I have active project that still uses the module. But I'll continue submit patches if I'll run into any problems on that site with nodeformcols.

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Ah, no worries, my reply was short because I was replying from the phone and was short on time, not because of grumpiness.

I guess that I'll just have to look through the issue queue and find some candidates and get the rtbc patches in.

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Status: Needs review » Closed (fixed)