The old version of the HTML5 shim required using an InnerShiv to make HTML5 elements inserted with jQuery work properly.

But there's a new version of the shim out (released Dec 22) that fixes this. As the InnerShiv website states:

STOP! Don't use innerShiv!
html5shiv now patches for the innerHTML issue! Update html5shiv and you won't have to use innerShiv anymore:


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Removing the InnerShiv is easy. But I'm uncertain if the jQuery monkeypatch is still needed. It looks like jQuery 1.7 solves this issue and doesn't require the monkey patch, but the jQuery Update module hasn't been updated to use jQ 1.7 yet. #1386294: Release jQuery 1.7 for Drupal 7

I'm starting another discussion about the monkey patch over in #1389076: Remove InnerShiv, but what to do about HTML5 jQuery monkey patch?

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I've decided to remove the monkey patch and just let users wait for the jQuery Update module to support jQuery 1.7.x.

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