Trying to deploy renders this message in the logs, and nothing deployed to the end machine. There is a similar issue for the 6.x version but the only solution offered there is to reinstall everything having to do with deploy, and I've done that once already.

It doesn't matter if I use "Memory Processor" or "Batch processor", the error message is the same. I do however get a progress-bar when using "Batch", something I don't get when using "Memory".

Not really sure if this is a support request or a bug report, or what to do now.


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Ensure that the endpoint is ".../services/rest" as follows:

and that the destination service is similarly configured.

Changing this from ".../rest-service/rest" solved that error for me on D7, w/ deploy-7.x-2.x-dev ( 2011-Nov-21), and UUID-7.x-dev (2011-Nov-20). Can anyone else confirm that this is the real issue?


It is difficult to debug when you do not include any configuration info on either server environment, additional modules, config exports, etc (read "why this has gotten no response") . I realize it is difficult on the user side (where I find myself most often) as we generally have no idea what is pertinent; but try. This helps anyone helping you because they don't have to spend time barking up the wrong tree (read "Without more info, this is a time sink"). How To Ask Questions The Smart Way is a good resource.


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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Deploy is still under heavy development, so weird bugs are to expect :) However, I've been working hard lately in a separate branch to stabilize the code and improve error handling. And a new release is underway. So I would recommend you trying that when it's released.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (cannot reproduce)

Going to close this, deploy should work now with the available installation guides.

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facing the same issue, anyone,,,, plz help