While trying to workout these questions regarding sending attachments with MimeMail (#1 and #2), I found a little bug in the mimemail_html_body function. It fails to retrieve the URI for a file when passing a file object. I think the cause is the double "?" sign without parenthesis.

This patch correct this behaviour.

#1 mimemail-1388786-1.patch682 bytessgabe
mimemail.patch725 bytestostinni
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Status: Active » Fixed
682 bytes

--- C:\Documents and Settings\nicolast\Escritorio\mime-7\mimemail\mimemail.inc Mon Dec 19 00:10:32 2011 UTC
+++ C:\Documents and Settings\nicolast\Escritorio\mime-dev\mimemail\mimemail.inc Mon Dec 19 00:10:32 2011 UTC

The patch doesn't apply, you should create patches against the project folder with git diff.

The attached patch is committed.

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Ups I stuck with the old method of doing patches, sorry about that and thanks for the commit.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.