Earlier users were able to edit meta keywords and description in their profiles edit page. but now those fields are gone and the only way to take them back is to give users "edit meta tag" permision. but then they would be able to edit other Path-Based Metatags like frontpage, etc... as well.

Please provide an option to overcome this. I want users to only edit meta tags of their own profile page, not any other meta tags.


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any walkgrounds please?

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Version: 7.x-2.3 » 7.x-2.x-dev

Can't think of anything except separate permissions to edit path-based meta tags and users.

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Title: Fields in user profile are gone! » Separate permissions for path-based and entity-bound meta tags

Changing title to better describe the problem.

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Category: bug » feature
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So it is not yet implemented in lastest version 7.x-2.4.
I wish you could at least provide a patch cause I really need this feature.
Thank you.

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I am not sure this separation is demanded by other users of the module. With new permission, it will be necessary to decide how to deal with existing permissions

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Thanks for your time,
So my project is an e-commerce website where people come and post their products. Each person has its own account. I want them to be able to change and define their own liked keywords and descirption of their products and also their profile page but I don't want them to have the access to change wide site Path-Based Metatags.

Can I at least patch the code so the "Path-Based Metatags" button won't show up for no one other than User-1 and administators rule?

Any walkaround is greatly appreciated.

btw, sorry for my sloppy english.

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I've been trying to come up with a way as well. Our site will have writers making their own profiles, and I would like to give them the chance to write their own description tag. On the D6 version of the site we used nodewords. I set up a text field to be used for descriptions, then used tokens to insert that into the meta description. If tokens could be used in the path based meta tags, the same thing could be set up. Any chance that could be possible?

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Just to add to what I posted before: I have found a way to make it work. It's a bit confusing though. Here's what I did to make custom meta description tags for both members that are writers, and ones that are readers.

1. Make two new meta fields in the Manage Fields tab in the meta tags quick admin. I made (Meta)Public Description and (Meta)Author Description.
2. Install the Field Permissions module.
3. Install Profiles2.
4. Make a Public Profile, and an Author Profile.
5. Add the Public and Author description the their respective profile field lists.
6. When adding the fields you will see the section on setting the custom permissions.
7. My profiles uses a panels/views setup to display, so I edited the view showing the profile, added the new description field (set formatter to 'default metatags_quick_formatter').

So far this seems to be working.

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Nice catch, wxman!

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Thanks. I can't wait to get the site live so I can see if it really works when people use it.

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yea, great job wxman, but that's too confusing and not standard indeed. Adding two extra module to overcome a simple permission matter is quite unacceptable.

So pity the respectful module maintainer is not cooperating. I wish I had a better knowledge of D7 module programming to obtain what I truly want.


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Have added another permission level to differentiate between path based and entity based meta tags. However we still aren't running any checks against the content we are altering.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.