can someone please guide to Split the Slideshow region into two columns

- 1st column fro slidwshow (70%)
- 2nd column to hold a new region? (30%)



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This is the way I did it:

1st: reduce the size of your sildeshow either by changing in style.css or over in local.css
.slideshow {

add a new region by adding a new div into "slideshow-inner" div class and put it into the page.tpl.php in DL 7.XX.
set the required width and such, also use firebug or f12 in chrome to identify the css.

add the new div class in style or local.css

4th: set your new content such as objects or pics in your page.tpl.php under the new class you just created

hope this does the trick.

I haven't found a easy way to do this.
if you do let me know