im using fb social like button with ajax support , Infinite Auto Load pager, im trying to load my content such as the twitter or facebook.
its only load the Items per page: for example 10.
when the ajax start its load the whole content but dose not load the facebook like button.

any suggestions

facebook_bug.png60.74 KBAhmadaj88
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Hello Ahmadaj88
I have the same problem
do you solve it?
plz tell me
its urgent

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sorry its still the same , so i stopped the ajax loading , after this everything working fine

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any way
thanx for your reply

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I have the same problem Any suggestions please!

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If someone still experiences this problem, I fixed this by adding this function to my JS behavior:

     Drupal.behaviors.mytheme = {
	attach: function(context, settings) {

Found this solution at