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MD5: 553e622be1be5c28b59c088f8b890872
SHA-1: 0019d908ffd77336b711ff7abe22c5115c082e34
SHA-256: d5e31ac107fc7ec517be8b89a86235cf2cbbb535efa87f7b078cd8a80c884a7e
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MD5: ad24ceabf16253f0a3a15007e87529c2
SHA-1: d56a9d2a66deba5affef16a453f9b1a853718fe2
SHA-256: ff5b31c6472ae22c1dbd9a06049b590ec14a4b4fc459e114deb773b80352654d
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/date:^2.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: KarenS
Created on: 20 Dec 2011 at 21:04 UTC
Last updated: 30 Jul 2014 at 19:45 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Version 7.x-2.0-rc1

The Date Browser has been removed. Please use the Date Pager instead. If you have existing views using the Date
Browser the navigation will just disappear from them. If you add a Date Pager to the view you should get it back.
Then delete the Date Browser attachment from the view, since it doesn't do anything any more.

The UNTIL date was not getting included in repeating results and that is now fixed. This is an API change of sorts
for anyone who worked around the issue by setting it ahead.

The All Day checkbox and All Day themes were moved into a separate module, using new hooks added to the date
processing. This module should serve as an example of how other modules can inject functionality into date fields.

A new module has been added for integrating the Date Repeat API into date fields. Some of this code has been
moved into the new module, more of it will be moved later as I figure out how to unwind it from the base
processing. An update hook has been added to enable this module by default for existing sites. If you don't
use Repeating dates you can disable it.

There is a new file,, that describes the new hooks that make it easier for other modules to intervene in Date processing.

New Features/Major Changes

- Issue #1229378 by ksenzee, Sync the end date with the start date on new dates using select widgets.
- Issue #1236216, Move the repeating date integration out of the Date module and into a separate, Date Repeat Field module.
- Issue #874322, The All Day functionality has been moved into a separate module and hooks were added to make it easier for other modules to inject steps into date processing.
- Issue #1267046, Include the UNTIL date in repeating results..
- Issue #1354606 by temaruk, Rework the repeating date UI to make it more user-friendly.
- Issue #1362654, Remove Advanced Help integration, it needs a total rewrite.
- Issue #1357362, Remove Date Browser, use Date Pager instead.
- Issue #1354606, Make sure COUNT option without UNTIL date can be handled correctly by repeating date computations.


- Fix to new default date handling, the default date has to set a date in the database timezone, not the display timezone.
- Issue #1245106 by Gábor Hojtsy, Hide the option to add the delta into the view for single value fields.
- Issue #1370876, Make sure new Date All Day code does not try to set the popup values if Date Popup is disabled.
- Issue #874322, Add back the date_field_all_day() function to avoid breaking other modules that are using it.
- Fix Date text placeholder to display a formatted date instead of a format. Follow up to Date repeat UI changes.
- Issue #1248520 by fearlsgroove, Use attribute selector on all day and end day checkboxes.
- Issue #952446 and #1031690, Select dates with only year and month were not working.
- Issue #1292152 by pfrenssen, Remove debug functions.
- Issue #1338976 by Josh Benner, Adjust iCal unwrap to allow for leading spaces, per standard.
- Issue #1352486 by d.novikov, Rework date SQL formatting for Microsoft SQL.
- Issue #1266536, Keep timezone adjustments from altering the values for repeating date EXCEPTIONS and ADDITIONS.
- Issue #1353488, Some repeating date calculations using PHP 5.3.6+ were not computing correctly.
- Issue #1364026, Fix link to documentation, also move help to Date API module.
- Issue #1276270, Fix fatal error when using repeat date on user.
- Issue #1362758, Add empty file for the file that was removed, to avoid fatal errors if it is missing on a site that formerly used it.
- Issue #1363460, Make sure widget dates do not end up with the current date when they should be empty.
- Issue #1353488, Attempt to fix problem using date_date_set() in PHP 5.3.6+.
- Date Migrate tests needed some fixes to conform to latest code.
- Issue #1353790, Hide missing index notice if the value in the Date Popup does not match the expected value, it will still get trapped as a validation error.
- Issue #1353790, Make sure Date Popup properly translates the default value if it includes month or day names.
- Issue #1217796, Make sure that All Day formatting works correctly even if the All Day label is empty.
- The repeat description was lost by a recent change to the theme that sent the element through the theme twice.
- Remove date_get_nested_elements() function. Not being used and I don't want other code to start expecting it.
- Issue #1266144, The end date should get set to blank if it is optional and matches the start date, but only if it is not populated by default values.
- Issue #1349510, Make sure default values get populated before processing so they still get set on hidden fields.


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