This patch corrects the following issues:
- $may_cache is no longer used in hook_menu()
- the $form_id, $form_values parameters have gone away in favour of $form and &$form_state (the data previously in $form_values is now stored $form_state['values'])
- The submit form has been changed to use a submit button instead of system_settings_form() as the module has its own submit function that sets the variables

Misc. other coding style changes as per recommendations by the Code Review module
- Eliminated use of tabs in favour of two spaces
- Empty lines should not be indented

#1 fix-d5-leftovers-1376892-1.patch11.42 KBstewart.adam


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Thanks for this. There's one typo, an extra '$' I found in your patch:

+    else if ($$form_state['values']['reset'] == $form_state['values']['op'])
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Oops, sorry about that!

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Status: Active » Needs review

Changing status, as there is a patch.