Hook_requirements in aes.install is missing a value for value

Notice: Undefined index: value in theme_status_report() (line 2555 of /var/www/modules/system/system.admin.inc).

A print_r($requirement) when value is undefined results in:

    [title] => AES encryption implementation
    [description] => The AES encryption module requires at least one of two things to function: Either the PHP Mcrypt extension has to be installed on the web server. Or the PHP Secure Communications Library (phpseclib) needs to be installed in the AES directory. Check the README.txt for more information.
    [severity] => 0

value needs to be set.

#1 aes_status-notice-1376738-1.patch1.31 KBeosrei
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Attached patch fixes notice by setting value. Code code use additional details to specify which AES implementation is in use, but it isn't necessary.

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Status: Needs review » Closed (duplicate)

Bah! Dupe of #1139688: aes_requirements() not implemented correctly.. At least people can search for the error now...