I have multiple profile types. In this scenario, one is collecting a first name, and another is collecting a photo, and position. I tried to create a table for a staff list with the following settings

but it separates the profile types onto separate lines, so that a person's name is on a separate line from their photo and position.

The photo on top is Kelly, and the photo on bottom is Connie. How can I get all of the information to show on the same line?

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Did you solve the issue?

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haven't figured anything out yet. no.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Make your view list users. Add two relationships, one to each profile type.

PS. could either of you please consider adding this to the documentation pages for this module, it comes up really frequently!

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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hi i have the same issue .
can anybody explain me with example ,how to do this.very important

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can anyone explain with example

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One comment will suffice.

1. Create a new view based listing users.

2. Expand Advanced and click Add under Relationships. Select User: Profile.

3. This step is optional. I chose to limit the results to users with the desired profile type.

4. Add fields as normal. Note the selected relationship.

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thanks a lot shieeet