@mrconnerton created the Webform Views Select module (sandbox) that produces a 'Webform options' Views display, which 1. effectively keeps all views from showing up as options sources in Webform, and 2. gives responsibility to the view display to provide at least a key-safe field for Webform options.

How about we take this approach to support all 'selectable' Webform components -- which means select in all its forms (radio/checkboxes/listbox) and tableselect, a new component to implement in Webform (D7).

We would need "Webform Options" displays requiring a minimum of one field safe for use as a key, plus some mapping within Webform of those views field(s) to component properties, like this:

Configure selectable Webform component with options from Views

Is this something anyone else would be interested in? Anyone see any issues with implementing an approach like this in Webform?



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At this point I think we just want to focus on select lists. The "tableselect" module can figure out its own approach or re-implement modified code. If we can make the code generic as part of #767290: Allow Views to be used as pluggable select list values, that's fine, but I'm not particularly concerned about this as I believe it's edge-case feature.

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Also, I don't think this should be a separate issue. It's extremely confusing what the miniscule difference is between this issue and #767290: Allow Views to be used as pluggable select list values. Unless this is something that absolutely needs to be separate, this should be marked duplicate and merged back into the main issue.

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