Hi there,

I am using black and white configuration in busy 7.x-1.4. When the content on the page is long, the background color changes in the middle part. I couldn't figure out the reason when digging the code.

Attached is a screenshot.

Any help is appreciated.


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Don't know if you still need help, but I fixed this problem yesterday - at least I think we're talking aobut the same thing use this in the correct css file (replace the old #wrapper-inner-top - it's just the BG color which I changed):

#wrapper-inner-top {
/* replaced bg color, because it was wrong for long sites */
background: #9AA1A7 url(/sites/all/themes/busy/images/bg-main-top-low.jpg) repeat-x 0 0;

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this code dosen´t help, look the same :/ #9AA1A7 change automatically to #7E7E7E

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i had the same problem and fixed it by changing the css as mentioned before but the style.css file was not



don't know how it got there probably something to do with the color definitions.