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MD5: 1be8cbd6fd3f37bfd1493693dfa95d8d
SHA-1: a2311d56856726c0efa0e62738b7fe6e5cdf0f73
SHA-256: 97f817da1642b0fbb1093ac0a4f9d7433712ac0444b10609f9e341f4289c6025
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MD5: 99769e8808519ae36171fa619cf00997
SHA-1: 9bd41347eeccab4e892d53b587a4ba4ec555191e
SHA-256: 890594ac160931dcfe66afee80c5e32a94dcc0dcfa571f586e9504f16800acab

Release info

Created by: dawehner
Created on: 18 Dec 2011 at 00:38 UTC
Last updated: 18 Dec 2011 at 01:07 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

After two years and a lot of hard work by multiple contributors and companies
here is the final version of 7.x-3.0.

Changes since 7.x-3.0-rc3:

  • #1283960 by dereine: Add a override-selector on adding-item form, so you can choose whether you want to add to master or current display
  • #1349462 by benys: Add accesslog.aid field to statistics views data
  • #1373588 by effulgentsia: Use decode_entities() instead of html_entity_decode().
  • #1372376 by Nick Lewis: Don't break on caching of filter_search
  • document #global
  • #1359798 by tim.plunkett: Add all query parameters to the url when using ajax views
  • #1348050 by tim.plunkett: Add a more helpful exception message
  • #1297456 by tim.plunkett: Let all plugins call it's parent options_forms
  • #1354084 by tim.plunkett: Fix undefined index link_url when submit other things
  • #402944 by catch, msonnabaum, mikeytown2, drewish: Cache the calls to unpack_options both as static and in the database. This will speed up quite some sites
  • fix weight filter
  • '#1333110 by sammyd56: Fix the description of the hide if empty checkbox. This was probably a leftover from first versions of the initial patch
  • #1333126 by sammyd56: Improve the help text of alter['alt'] to show it's actually title
  • #1353796 by sammyd56: Correct title for link_to_node option on comment handlers
  • #1172714 by dereine, mstrelan: Allow to add a display of the same view in an area again
  • #972934 by dereine follow up: make user posted or commented working on complex views
  • by dereine: Use the right variable name for the get views as options view_only modus
  • #1359342 by dereine: Area handlers shouldn't be aggregated
  • #1343888 by dereine: Make the default view accessible via the url all the time
  • #1324580 by pcramba, dereine: Build the arguments first, so the default arguments exist on validate plugins
  • #1342216 by dereine: Fix lock form if the view is not locked
  • #1371122 by sammyd56: Fix all whitespace fixes
  • #1358584 by sammyd56: Improve description for all date arguments/fields
  • #961148 by steffenr: Add a taxonomy term weight filter
  • document some more variables
  • fix sort_data test
  • by blackice2999: Fix default click sort for fields with only one value
  • #1369484 by weri: Add apostrophe as thousand-seperator
  • by dereine: Use an existing variabel when init extenders
  • #1231868 by DamienMcKenna: Use unix line endings on all help files
  • #1298368 by zhgenti: Javascript settings caching didn't worked because settings expect not a aggregated array
  • by dereine: Convert drush file to unix line endings and fix some spelling mistakes
  • by dereine: Run test for string-word
  • #1036962 by das-peter: Force the destination of drupalget_destination on an views ajax request
  • #1360336 by tim.plunkett, dereine: Don't call view->validate in view::preview
  • #1343394 by serebron: Use numeric handlers instead of string handlers for taxonomy_term_data.weight
  • #1357796 by mig5: Fix two types then => than
  • #1353760 by das-peter, andypost: Don't show the query all the time :)
  • #1353760 by TipiT, dereine: Fix display of performance statistics in the preview
  • #1321210 by nkschaefer: Reverse relationships for fields needs entity_type condition
  • #1326128 by dereine: Extend the vpr mechanism to print out the variables via dpm and dd
  • #1353680 by mpark: Correct Wrong usage of DatabaseConnection::getConnection
  • #1305726 by dereine: Fix some notices in filter_in_operator
  • #1300652 by stella: Add format plural support for field_math.
  • #1353450 by stborchert: use databaseType for the regex operators as well
  • #1353546 by derhasi: Document %alias for table joins
  • #1353580 by damz: Use databaseType instead of db_driver() because db_driver() depense on hard coded assumptions
  • reported by aschiwi: Don't assume that all displays have a path
  • #1353450 by caseledde, drupalexio, k4v: Provide a regex filter for both numbers and strings. Awesome!
  • #1086506 by dereine: Check the result of views_break_phase right
  • #1342580 by k4v: Views reset the ctools export cache every time
  • #1233334 by stborchert: Readd scrolling to the top js commando.
  • #1209390 by chx: Improve description of argument_default_php
  • #1186272 by infojunkie: Reorder pre_render calls so style->pre_render comes before field_pre_render
  • #1102952 by joachim: Add option to term fields to output with spaces converted to hyphens
  • #1072296 by barbi: Use row_index instead of count in table.tpl.php because count seems to be a bit confusing
  • #779924 by dereine: Make label in relationships required
  • #439238 by dereine: If a path is renamed but part of the destination redirect the user to the new path
  • #1278550 by dave reid: Add basic token support for tokens. This patch doesn't allow to use token-api tokens in views, but views tokens in other places of token
  • #960392 by iamjon: Format profile-date values using years
  • #1044000 by dereine: Don't add links if you groupby a field_node-field
  • #1235994 by das-peter: Allow to use the value to groupby, so you can use rdf. This changes the api but handles it in a backward compatible way.\n Additional add some documentation and some tests for that feature.
  • #528606 by slashrsm: Take sure that there are never duplicated dom_id's
  • #1215614 by ankabout: Add a documentation how to filter content by the current logged-in user
  • #1032836 by arx, shawn dearmond: Check to not call unpack_translatables on broken displays
  • #1330694 by aschiwi, stborchert, dereine: Allow to use view modes on comment rows
  • reported by dvcs11: Allow to use read more links of page displays
  • #1352792 by longwave: Let _views_find_module_templates handle render element pattern
  • #1288740 by webflo: Allow multiple file ids as argument
  • #1301366 by dereine: Add a node_comment_statistics::last_comment_uid field, filter, argument and relationship
  • #1352268 by dereine: Fix undefined offset for fields without a database column
  • #1342250 by joachim: Provide an example how to add fields via hook_views_default_views_alter
  • #1303398 by GiorgosK: Fix another field language notice
  • Merge branch '7.x-3.x' of into 7.x-3.x
  • #1096652 Follow up by andypost: Fix example for drush vdis
  • #1341882 by dereine: Change the default value of hide_alter_empty to false for custom field
  • by dereine: Document the variable of views_join
  • #1096652 by Manuel Garcia: Add drush commands to enable and disable views
  • #1278580 by tim.plunkett: Give style/row-options_submit the right
  • #1344428 by dereine: Fix vocabulary-machine-name token on term_node_tid field
  • Prevent notice when trying to view field api fields with no values.


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