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The goals of the cleanup initiative are simple: we constantly add new features to core but we always finish them 80% before we have to eventually push core out the door for release. A cleanup initiative is focused on ensuring we complete the remaining tasks, unify core, and to make sure we're actually "eating our own dogfood" with our own APIs and features.

Initiative leads

Dave Reid

Overall goals

  • Consistently use core api functions in all of core.
  • Increase performance of core.
  • Decouple all CRUD functions from the form system.
  • Clean up the FormAPI.
  • Clean up the Field API.
  • Finish the Entity API.
  • Improve the maintainability of the menu system - either through simplification or by attracting new contributors.
  • Remove node-specific code from the menu system.
  • Fix the node access system.
  • Improve block module.
  • Actually use UUIDs in core.
  • Ensure core doesn't violate its own UI/UX guidelines.

Specific major or meta issues targeted

Issues are also tracked with the Cleanup Initiative tag.

Proposed release cycle


Chat with us in #drupal-cleanup

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


axel.rutz’s picture

"Life is solving problems" (Karl Popper, Philosopher)
"And fighting dirt" (Olga Poppowa, Cleaningwoman)

To me this is one of the most imortant, if not the most important, of all initiatives.

ximo’s picture

Love the combination of the two quotes! :)

Cleaners are seldom appreciated, but society would collapse without them. So thanks to all the cleaners out there!

It's not exactly the same in an open source project where everyone cleans a little all the time, but the work this initiative is doing is just as important if you ask me. We all want our Drupal to be clean and consistent. So thanks for doing this!

Joakim Stai – Kollegorna