Is it possible to add the menu name the active page belongs to at the start of the breadcrumb?

I tried to understand the syntax for the pattern in the advanced option, but had no success.

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I second that. I'm looking for this feature as well.

I have a site with two sections, residential and commercial, with separate menus for each. I would like the name of the menu included after Home, but before the page name in the breadcrumb trail. Anyone have any suggestions how to accomplish this?

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I'm trying to do the same thing. I use the module Block Title Link to add the url to the menu title which is the landing page for the section the menu is assigned to. Only other option I can think of is to add the landing page to the top level of the menu, however that doesn't work for my site. Is there a way to pull this url and title using the advance patterns?

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I modified this module so that a URL and link text could be specified for each menu (there are two new text fields in the list of menus in the module's configuration screen for entering this data). A link will be displayed for a menu in the breadcrumbs, just after the "Home" link, if there is a URL set for it.

See the attached patch.

I have not thoroughly tested this, but it works for what I've done with it so far. I'm not sure whether the links need to be absolute for within the drupal site or not because most of the URLs on the site I'm using it on are flat.

If you patch an already-installed copy of the module with this patch, when you go to the configuration screen it will complain multiple times about undefined/unfound indexes. To clear this error, enter link text and a URL into one of the menus and click save a couple of times and they should go away.

Here's the info from the module version I modified:
; Information added by packaging script on 2011-07-30
version = "7.x-1.3"
core = "7.x"
project = "menu_breadcrumb"
datestamp = "1312055519"

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The patch in #3 works for me. In my case, I wish the name of the menu was used instead of having to copy it into the "Menu Link Text" field for each menu, but perhaps some people would want the text to be different than the name of the menu itself.

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The above patch wasn't applying cleanly for me on my site when using the drush make patching process, I've tried recreating it below to see if it works better.

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FYI, the patch in #5 worked better and applied cleanly using drush make. It's all the same code as in #3.

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Yes, that was the reasoning behind the "Menu Link Text" field -- allowing people to use different text than the menu name; I had considered just using the menu name for the text but thought I'd err on the side of flexibility.

I probably should have added a checkbox that would allow choosing between using the menu name or the text in the "Menu Link Text" field. Ah well.

Glad the patch worked for you and that you could get it working with drush. :)

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Note #1827248: Release co-ordination for Menu Breadcrumb 6.x-1.4 and 7.x-1.4 - if you want this fixed in the next release, now's the time to make it happen.

This issue needs review, so if it's worked or working for you, please say so.

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The patch might need to be updated against the latest -dev.