I have a location field where the only thing I collect is the 5 digit US zipcode. Everything else is 'do not collect' and 'force default country' (USA). I Display City, State, Zip based on that data.

When I change the the zip code and save, the location information stays the same regardless. Should it not update these fields?



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Can someone help me look into this please?

After someone enters a zip to determine their location, it never changes again regardless if they update it. I have been pouring through the code to find the area where this is handled. If someone can provide a little direction, I don't mind attempting to fix it.

My entire website depends on a user's location as set by the Location module. Their search results are now fixed forever regardless of where they go.

Thanks for the help

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I committed the attached patch. Look for it when the dev release updates to a date past 2012-02-04 or just apply the patch directly.

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Would it be possible to have a Drupal 6 version of this patch please?