I am sure this has been posted before and I apologize ahead of time for that. I am really crunched for time and can't really search around, but in drupal 5.1 is there a tutorial on how to create pages and not stories or forums. When I go to create content, all I get is create story or forum topic and I don't want that. All I want it to create a single page. I know in 4.7 you were given this option, but I don't see it here. If anyone can throw me some info on this or a tutorial I would truely appreicate it.


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administer -> access control

under the node.module insure create page content is checked.

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I checked where you stated in the above post and all that I have under node.module is:

access content

administer content types

administer nodes

create career_center content

create story content

edit career_center content

edit own career_center content

edit own story content

edit story content

revert revisions

view revisions

I have checked under all other menus and don't see anthing related to Creating a single page....is there something that I need to install in 5.1?

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I think I may have figured it out, is Home page the same as creating a page? If I just create a Home page and uncheck Promote to front page its seems to work ok, but I'm still not sure if this is what I am looking for.

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no the page content type is part of core so there is nothing you need to install to allow page content.

I cannot explain why it isn't there for you. I do however notice you have career_center content ? I assume you did this using CCK ? because if you just renamed the page content type thats where your problem has come in.

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ahhhh....I see, that is exactly what I did. I feel like such an idot now. Thanks for your help!