I've seen similar posts to this but the solutions are not paying off in this case. I've made a subtheme of Omega html5. My front page is fine, other nodes have the right sidebar sitting under the left sidebar. In instances where the Content is longer than the left sidebar, it wraps to the left between left and right sidebars.

I noticed this after creating a slideshow view for my articles. Though I'd also been doing other things such as moving blocks around and messing with the global.css and creating content types and menus. So I can't really point to one thing that happened to crash this.

I've removed the styles I put in the global.css file, and I've turned off each block one by one ... no change. I've tried site validation tool and the css has a lot of issues that seem to be irrelevant except maybe that some items have no class even though the attribute is called up:
e.g. "Line 440, Column 87: there is no attribute "CLASS"
…ypeof="sioc:Item foaf:Document" class="node node-news-item node-promoted node-…"

But if that's relevant, I'm not sure what to do with that.

Interestingly, if I have the Blocks debugging blocks visible in the admin view, it shows a debugging block for both the left and right sidebars but NO DEBUGGING BLOCK for the content. The content of the content block is there though.

I updated from 7.9 to 7.10 yesterday to see if that would change anything but nothing changed.

Any pointers would be appreciated.


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I can't reproduce this behavior. Which version of omega is in use?

If the slideshow is thought to be the cause, have you disabled it to check?

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Omega v. 7.x-3.0.

I did disable the slideshow. No luck.
I actually created another new subtheme, making sure I took all the documented steps last night. Still the same issue.

Other variables in my setup: I am using 2 superfish menus (which I disabled to test but no change), one is limited by content type, another is tied to one node, the third is on all pages.

I have some blocks with

s in them. They are configured properly. I have a class called "float" which I borrowed from some site which lines up 5 icons to the right but I only call it in one particular block in the Branding region. (I disabled the block and no change)


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you can take a look here:
Note that it's not well designed at the moment as I've made many changes since this problem arose

If you go to the Home link, you will see how that node acts as expected. If you go to the About > Business Services, you will see my other subtheme which is acting as expected.

One other variable I thought of: I'm placing a google calendar in an iframe. But I've had that block disabled with no change.

Thanks again.

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OK, here's something:
I have a photo slideshow on the front page -- the front page is working properly
I set the slideshow to show on all pages -- now all pages work properly!

That's cool, but why? The slideshow seems to be holding the sidebar second up and without the slideshow, it slips down.

Could it be as simple as this: I have no blocks in the content region on most of the pages. I guess I expected that when I created content, the Body field would populate the content block.

I guess my drupal expertise has a few gaps.

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Now I just feel silly. I guess I set the Main Page Content block to only show on one particular page. The front page still showed properly, but all other pages except the one had nothing in the Content region so it didn't show at all and the Sidebar Right got pushed down below the Sidebar Left.

With articles, the body of it showed where it should but the Sidebar Right still got pushed down. And in viewing the Debugging blocks, Content did not show at all.

Now that I have a Main Page Content block showing on all pages, the Sidebar Right is where it should be.

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I have another subtheme based on Omega and I just caused the same problem by adding a padding-left:5px; to the region-content in the global.css. Not sure what the conflict is there but it definitely was caused by adding that line and was cured by removing it.

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makes sense, the theme is responsive so if you are adding padding to content region, then you need to remove the same amount of padding elsewhere to maintain the consistency in the 960 grid.

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Same story here. Installed omega theme using drush. Created subtheme using drush. But the sidebar-second is being stacked under the main content.

The issue is only on the frontpage. When I click on an article, the layout shows correctly.

Here is the link: http://d7.stattler.com

Cleared cache using drush cc all , but to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated.

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which browser is in use?

When checking with IE8 the sidebar bar remains to the right of the content regardless of the size of the window.

When using FF 10.01 and reducing the window, the sidebar does move to below the content. First thing I'd check is that the image included in one of the articles isn't too large?

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Actually, that was not related to the subtheme. It was a CSS issue. I was able to narrow down the actual problem after creating a new subtheme and enabling the global.css file step by step. It was due to an background image that I was loading using the url option.

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Hey, have you got any solutions? I can't figure out where the problem is. Also if my web is running offline, then everything's fine. I tried to copy folder from my pc on online server, but problem remains. :/

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The Issues I had (as noted above) were that I didn't have any blocks or content in the content region and that in one case I added a padding of 5px to the content region.

If you don't have the problem when you are offline then there could be a conflict specific to your webserver or it's version of php or drupal. Are they the same as your local computer?

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I was having a similar problem with a completely fresh install of Drupal/Omega from an installation profile. The problem was that the Main Content block had not been placed in the Content region. The result was that the content displayed to the page was wrapping underneath sidebar first and sidebar second was stacked under that. It was also missing the page title.

Fixing up the block configuration sorted the problem out.