I have a strange problem here.
When connected as admin, if I go to the "add content" page, I can choose any of the content types I created BUT the regular basic page. I simply doesn't appear anymore.

Roles and permissions seem to be correct, and I CAN add a basic page when going to node/add/page. (So I just added a menu link for now)

It just won't appear on the "add content" page as a choice.

Just weird.

I upgraded from 7.9 to 7.10, but no luck.

Did this happened to anyone else ? Any idea ?


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go to your nav menu and add a new item "node/add/page" Add Page

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I'm also experiencing the same problem. I did what SangersDrupalDude suggested, but it doesn't do anything. I click on it, but it doesn't go anywhere.
Here's a screenshot of what i did.

Any suggestion is appreciated.



edit: figured it out :)


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I am experiencing the same problem. Adding Basic Pages and Articles has disappeared in my Add content page. I can access them via /node/add/page or article. I have temporarily added these to my short cuts menu, but would like to solve the problem so I won't need this work around. How did you "figure this out"?