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MD5: 76a297d0f5fa2a86255f87c103690c21
SHA-1: 490ad53cc792c1c51b789b17304e4df850d3157a
SHA-256: 3b4ea3f8c4c312a6edf80be979ee78a275cf544931ea893745f908c8f50fcd5a
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MD5: 14288ce11a8fc7300a6d4ad92149c82c
SHA-1: 15202dd751a7311a3991462cd6d2d34ded158461
SHA-256: a87444e154264f8b72d9512429f277f228d07528da979c58c4a9adfc4387330a

Release info

Created by: gordon
Created on: 13 Dec 2011 at 13:56 UTC
Last updated: 13 Dec 2011 at 14:00 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

This is a big release which a number of bug fixes and some important new features.

Special thanks goes to:-

  • Hershel Robinson at KabbalaOnline Shop - for giving me a copy of there database so I could get the upgrade from 3.6 to 4.x working.
  • Rhonda at Feminique- for sponsoring fields.

There has been 2 major areas which have been worked on for 4.6.

  1. Because of Hershel kindly giving me a copy of the KabbalaOnline Shop database and files I was able to complete and fully test the upgrade process from 5.x-3.6 to 6.x-4.x upgrade process and also fix some issues with Sub products and make sure that the upgrade process also worked for that. If you do have problems upgrading, if you can give me a copy of your system I will work out the issue.
  2. Also with a little funding from Didymo Designs and Feminique I was able to implement fields into the checkout process and also multi-line tables for views. This feature is in it's infancy, and right now will allow you to implement multi-use discount codes right in core without requiring any other contributed module, and also other things like special delivery instructions. These fields can be added to the code with no special coding knowledge.

Changes since 6.x-4.5:

  • #1299180 by hershel: Fixed Can't upgrade from 5.x-3.6 to 6.x-4.5.
  • Fix up issue with ec_receipt not being created during upgrade from 6.x-3.4
  • Fix up default value for currency on ec_transaction
  • Fix issue with upgrade with paypal from 3.4
  • Change Operations in Views to use ctools drop down to save space.
  • Remove .cvsignore
  • Fix up issue when adding features with admin form.
  • Fix up problem cased when ec_product_can_purchase() is called and the $node is changed by the features below.
  • Fix issue with loading of feature parameter which causes parameters to be overwritten from other ones
  • Add in upgrade path for subproducts
  • Fix problem where the checking to see if the user can purchase the product will change the node, and break the display of the product.
  • Add new settings to allow creation of fields for checkout.
  • Fix issue with namespace collision with hook_filter().
  • Implement functionality in checkout to make implement the fields.
  • Add update to create the new ec_fields and ec_transaction_fields tables
  • Fix up some issues with field handling in checkout.
  • Create filter for handling fields.
  • Fix up issue where an empty field causes an error
  • Add support for textarea type fields
  • Allow support for disabling fields.
  • Remove the title from the operations field
  • Fix up the operations for receipt allocations
  • Fix up the all to the ctools_dropdown.
  • Fix up missing ctools_include() to stop crash.
  • Add in views support for transaction fields.
  • Change ec_exposed_fieldset to be a global field, so it only occurs once.
  • Add in support for views to render tables with multiple lines for a single row.
  • Fix up first and klast row classes
  • Fix up row span so it will not go beyond the group of lines that is associated with the current row.
  • Fix up colspan to work right.
  • Add support for Views Bulk Operations to have multi line tables.
  • Change all the views to use multi line tables so it is easier to add in secondary lines with no problems.
  • Fix up a couple of issues caused by the multi table in VBO
  • Fix up issue with fields not merging.
  • Fix up some of the missing actions
  • Move all the fields functionality from the ec_charge module to the ec_store module
  • Fix up undefined variable warning.


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