The menu paths are a little funny:

  • Initial page / vocabulary selector: admin/structure/taxonomy_manager/voc
  • Vocabulary editor: admin/structure/taxonomy_manager/voc/%taxonomy_vocabulary_machine_name
  • Double-tree editor: admin/structure/taxonomy_manager/double-tree/%taxonomy_vocabulary_machine_name/%taxonomy_vocabulary_machine_name

Shouldn't they be more like the following, to match the style used with core?

  • Initial page / vocabulary selector: admin/structure/taxonomy_manager
  • Vocabulary editor: admin/structure/taxonomy_manager/%taxonomy_vocabulary_machine_name/edit
  • Double-tree editor: admin/structure/taxonomy_manager/%taxonomy_vocabulary_machine_name/double-tree/%taxonomy_vocabulary_machine_name


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Title: Menu paths could be cleaner » Clean up menu paths
Category: bug » task
Priority: Normal » Minor

Yes, I see, the paths are not the cleanest ones.

Still, if I would use "admin/structure/taxonomy_manager/%taxonomy_vocabulary_machine_name/edit" for the vocabulary editor, I would expect something under "admin/structure/taxonomy_manager/%taxonomy_vocabulary_machine_name", which wouldn't be the case for the Taxonomy Manager.

Marking this issue as minor task, as IMO this fits it better.