When adding node content, taxonomy dropdown wont drop down lower than first parent item. It wont allow typing to autoselect terms either. It will allow me to scroll my mouse down but I cant see what I am highlighting. See photo files atached.

On the edit field page, it works perfect. It shows the full drop down with grouped terms when asking me to assign parent terms or default terms, etc.

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chosen2.jpg25.66 KBIWasBornToWin
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Priority: Normal » Major

Any one else hanging this challenge?

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About the "not allowing to autoselct terms" in my first post--It appears, since this list has parents, that by typing in a term it wont come up because all terms are childs and therefore are prefaced with a hyphen, ie;


When trying to search "golf" the dropdown doesn't see it, unless i type "-golf"

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Any help?

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Priority: Major » Critical

will changing this to critical help?

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<select multiple="multiple" name="field_taxonomy_listings[und][]" id="edit-field-taxonomy-listings-und" class="form-select chzn-done" style="width: 291px; display: none; "><option value="_none">- None -</option></optgroup></select>

on second line "display:none"

This looks to me like it is telling the drop down to display "none" is that why it's not dropping down, if so, how can i fix it?

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I think I've narrowed it down to taxonomy term problems. The drop down works for everything else except taxonomy terms. Of course, by the time I get any help I may be able to go to school, learn css and jquery, and then write me own code :) Sorry for the sarcasm but it doesn't look like the maintainer replies to any of the other issues much either.

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Any help?

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Wonder if it has something to do with "title" fields of taxonomy and node, clashing? See this comment;

Title field clash

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#2 should be the cause of this. looking into the chosen plugin code to see if we can fix this.

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Can you try with the attached files below?

  1. Replace chosen.jquery.js under sites/all/libraries/chosen/chosen by the one attached below?
  2. Replace chosen.module in the chosen module.
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I did both, no change. I'm pretty sure it's got something to do with node title vs. taxonomy title, because it works (even with taxonomy) everywhere else except nodes.

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I'm actually having the same problem with part of the search list hiding. I solved it with a css rule where I added

  overflow-x: visible;
  overflow-y: visible;

to the content where the chosen select widget is applied. Previously, this content had the overflow attribute set to hidden. So setting it to visible is mainly a workaround, as it shouldn't behave this way, I guess. (The select list without chosen, works properly).

Anyway, I also wanted to thank the developers behind this great and really useful module for their awesome work! It's truly much appreciated.

PS: it looks like it's related to this issue: https://github.com/harvesthq/chosen/issues/355
so it's more a problem with the chosen jquery plugin rather than the module itself.

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Title: Drop down doesn't work » Usign Chosen with Multi-level items
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Title: Usign Chosen with Multi-level items » Chosen doesn't drop down with term reference field and taxonomy on nodes

This really isn't the case--chosen works fine with entity reference module when referring to taxonomy with muliple levels. It's a node title field name issue between field node title and taxonomy title. Changing title back.

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Status: Active » Fixed

This is now fixed.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.