HELP! Im a Newbie @ drupal Q>What does the error above "title" means?


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Have same problem after installing uc cart tweaks...

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it destroyed my practice site :(

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same error here. virgin install of drupal 7.10 with a views and views bulk operations modules.

got the message when drupal suggested to enable entity module as a dependency of views_bulk_operations module.

"Some required modules must be enabled

You must enable the Entity API module to install Views Bulk Operations.

Would you like to continue with the above?"

I simply pressed continue and everything seems fine..


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Same here, the error showed up when it requested to enable a dependency but seems to work fine regardless of the warning.

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I couldn't find any issue in the D7 issue queue about it. Should we open one or you have found something more than me?

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other module cant cope-up with the version, so i did go back to D6

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For me it was a conflict with elements-7.x-1.2 and commerce-7.x-1.1. I disabled elements and haven't seen the error recur.

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just moved my test site from local host to test server in anticipation of a deployment which is looming and got the same thing.

Tried restoring the database, but no cigar.

It looks like it could be theme related for me as I also get another error about trying to render custom css through template.php.

Will report back if I find anything.



[UPDATE] - Sorry I can't help on this one. We're rolling back to a server snapshot (luckily we're using a cloud server so that's easy) we had from Friday as we speak since this is taking too long to debug. I've read about all sorts of issues which could be causing this, but we simply don't have the time to look into it properly at this point.

I suspect that this is caused during the move from our local to test server in the cloud. It would appear that we made updates to theme/module files and this caused the database to be out of sync with the theme files. My theory for this is not to view the site (you'll cache things into the database and theme registry if you do) until you get both the Database and the Files moved to the new environment.

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It could be because of the chain dependency on the modules. When you try to enable a module with the single dependency on one module then there is no warming message displayed; but when if there is chain of dependencies on the one module to other and other to another dependency this warning is coming. But, when proceed with the warning message also it worked fine for me.

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My example case was the enabling of the Twitter ( module which had the dependency of the OAuth module ( In this case there was only one dependency but I still encountered the warning.