the default css in uc_addresses.css introduces new line heights, font sizes, paddings.

borders and colours are easy enough to override, but the others can be a pain to reconcile with a custom theme and IMO they really should be inherited from the theme anyway, it's just a couple of tables after all.

"odd" and "even" classes for tables are pretty much a standard in Drupal world, so they should be pushed into the module too.

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patch attached simply comments out the line containing drupal_add_css() that pulls in the offending styles.

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I think just comment out loading the CSS is not the right solution. This way, the default address looks just like the others, while with the uc_addresses.css loaded it's more highlighted. Maybe you want to write patch that patches uc_addresses.css?

For adding the "odd" and "even" classes, you're (also) welcome to post a patch.

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indeed, i've added it to the backlog of the project i need uc_addresses for but i was on deadline and had to kill the css fast.

I don't believe that my solution was the best, but i put the patch up so i could drop it in a make file :P

i think you could make any decision you want on how the default address could look "highlighted" and you'd screw with somebody's custom theme.

most modules that implement this level of theming (beyond simple things like bold and italic text) give you the option to select various themes, with one of course being "blank". That way the (developer) end user can see how the module was intended to look but they can also easily modify the theme for their use-case.

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also, not sure why i called the patch "remove javascript", that's clearly wrong..

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Status: Active » Postponed

O.K. You prefer to do me let the changes. That's okay, but then it will take a while as Ubercart Addresses 6.x-2.x has the most priority for me now.

About "screwing somebody's theme": this CSS file was already there when I took over this project. I have redesigned the CSS file for the 6.x-2.x version. Maybe you want to review the CSS file for the 6.x-2.x version and tell me if you have the same theme problems there?

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"You prefer to do me let the changes." - Not sure what you mean by this?

I'm cool to make the changes required to fix this "properly" with the zebra striping as well, we've put it in our project backlog. I'll be honest though, it will be a while before we get back to this as the backlog is rather long atm.

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Sorry, I had misunderstood you. Well, one of us may get back to this later. ;)