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This is the main page for the Open Parish website distribution documentation.

This documentation will be expanded greatly in the coming weeks/months, as Open Parish becomes feature-complete.

Downloading Open Parish

Download the latest version of Open Parish from the Open Parish project page. Click the downloads link under the 'Recommended Releases' for either a 'tar.gz' file (for Mac or Linux users), or a '.zip' file (for Windows users).

This will download a file to your computer containing all the code for Drupal and Open Parish. Expand the downloaded archive and put the downloaded folder (should be called something like 'drupal-7.xx') into a public folder on your web server.

Installing Open Parish

For information about installing Drupal in general, please read through Drupal's Installation Guide.

While installing Drupal, be sure to choose the 'Open Parish' option on the 'Select an Installation Profile' portion of installation.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.