The galleria is working on the nodes on the home page but under views where the image should be I get the error: Fatal error: Theme at http:/sites/all/libraries/galleria/themes/classic/galleria.classic.min.js,http://sites/all/libraries/galleria/themes/classic/galleria.classic.min.js could not load, check theme path.
The file galleria.classic.min.js is there in the correct place. What does this error mean?


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I have the same problem

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The Galleria javascript could not load it's theme file. The reason is that the paths are absolute ("http://" at the beginning) which should not be the case.
What's even more strange is that it works on the home page and normal nodes, but not on views?
Do you use any URL fixing / redirect modules?

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Hello and thanks for your answer. In my case the problem happens in all cases, views and nodes.

I think the only modules I have enabled it to influence the urls of the site are the path and pathauto, besides having clean urls enabled. I tried to disable but the problem persists.

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I only get the error on views.
I have pathauto enabled and clean URLs.

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I have the same problem.

Why is this happening?


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Category: support » bug
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I tried with a page display and it worked!

But i really need to be a block, i noted that when is a block the Drupal.settings.galleria.themepath is loading more than 1 theme, and the it gives the error of loading the themes. So i modified the javascript to only load the first one, but now the error is another, something about the hight, etc..

Some help, please! :)

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I get the same error in views, no matter what view type.

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Hi I get the same problem, did anyone find a fix?

Thanks heaps.

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Issue summary: View changes

It's 2014 already and I got same problem...

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Wow. Same problem here. 2015