Download webform-6.x-3.15.tar.gztar.gz 125.56 KB
MD5: 0241f515f4226e4fe935584d5499a756
SHA-1: 014ab9eb9bddd32372f8f1c45593f56282da4337
SHA-256: ac471720fee172326468f0562f5801465568d4d9514ff7c77e7e48248f77dd9a
Download webform-6.x-3.15.zipzip 157.18 KB
MD5: 21b6dbeaa84a136cb114405b41ed62f6
SHA-1: 6df274177c5deb2bd707cacc8dbd71ae76cc4f70
SHA-256: 90077e3eedce999d2134aebde2c23683ce0bf4803f31d680f2202b594c5c13e0

Release info

Created by: quicksketch
Created on: 8 Dec 2011 at 06:43 UTC
Last updated: 8 Dec 2011 at 06:46 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

This release of Webform fixes many moderate bugs and adds a few new useful features. Special thanks to redndahead for his excellent work adding a feature to limit the total number of submissions per webform.

Note that this release also removes a feature that was accedentally included in the project before it was ready. If you were using the feature to Zip up all uploaded files and the Excel/CSV export together, you can follow the issue to restore the functionality in this issue: #1137348: Ability to download archive of CSV and all files.

New Features

  • #503264 by redndahead: Limit the total number of submissions.
  • #1286528 by derhasi: No contextual filter for webform sid in views.
  • #1258044 by derhasi: Webform views integration needs to provide relationships for both user and node based views.
  • #241319: Followup to Increase to 255.

Bug Fixes

  • #1180454: Minor spacing corrections for consistency with D7 version.
  • #1363788: Zero integers not exported in CSV/Exel downloads.
  • #1278172: Using an end date that is before start date (to flip year order) no longer allowed.
  • #1299518: New lines not consistently converted to break tags in textarea components.
  • #1238356: New, nested file directories cannot be created or used with file components.
  • #1291918: Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'cid' when saving markup only page draft first.
  • #1363208: Clean up submission limit code for user/total consistency.
  • #1266814: Email field validation allows "0" as a value.
  • #1266526: Correct translations in download ranges, clean up download range implementation.
  • #1326182: Empty string in _webform_delete_file my cause an error in PostGres.
  • #1295308: 'Webform form body' contains entire node instead of just the form.
  • #1285342 by Zombienaute: Date Popup causes JavaScript error on IE8/9.
  • #1353088: Move webform_recursive_delete() to the bottom of webform.install.
  • #1353088: webform_update_6329() missing return $ret, causes error on updates.
  • #1204136 by mjwright: File deleted when submitting after saving as draft.
  • #1091822: Recoverable fatal error on line 2661 caused by incomplete object classes in the $user object.
  • #241319: Followup to Increase to 255.
  • #1250664: With Javascript disabled, the calendar icon on a date field submits the form.
  • #1265758 by tjg: webform_update_6329 does not return $ret


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