You are a Personal Chef. A freelancer, or perhaps a caterer that does consulting on the side. Your personal, food philosophy, and menu drive your business and help you get connected to like-minded peers.


The main goals of the site would communicate:

  • What kind of food you make, and why.
  • Specific food events of interest, perhaps even that you participate in.
  • How to contact (and ideally hire) you

The Portfolio site might be sufficient for the bulk of a small business website, but elements specific to small business I'm leaving to the side for now.


The main types of content would be:

A good chef's portfolio site is likely to include some good photos attached to almost any piece of content. Gotta keep those mouths watering.

Secondary types of content might include:

  • Testimonials/reviews/quotes (about you, your food)

Social Media

Without a restaurant sitting on Yelp to pull in the flies, a Personal Chef relies on personal marketing and viral recommendations. Anything that gets chatter going online is likely to drive traffic.

Food blogger networks also drive traffic, so anything that elegantly streamlines those connections is useful. There might even be some Food Blog Planets, if I read the web correctly ;)


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