You are a modern author, with a portfolio of publications, a blog to explore ideas and interact with fans, and a place to find out where that author will appear. This is especially interesting for tech savvy authors of the kind that are into web culture, and maybe even self-publish ebooks.

To an extent, I'd like to make this use case bait for Charles Stross to switch off of Movable Type ;P


The main goals of the site would be to communicate:

  • Interesting ideas about the human condition, astrophysics, and issues of the day.
  • Events at which the author will be appearing
  • What are the author's publications, and how to get them.
  • How to make contact with the author to arrange an event.


Social Media

#1340478: Social Network Links is important to draw attention to the author's more interesting posts. The site isn't necessarily going to have aggressive marketing--that's what the books are for.



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Have you thought about getting persons as testers per use-case?
There is a German writer who is somewhat involved in the drupal community maybe he'd be interested...

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I think we've covered most of it in the spreadsheet in #1399188: Analyze common functionality and content requirements of use-cases already.

That said, reviewing that site made me minimally adjust the book author use-case. ;) (categorized posts were missing)

Of course, getting real world feedback for a use-case is the most helpful thing, as it means we don't have to make things up. So if Edgar Franzmann wants to get involved to review and validate the book author use-case, that would be more than welcome :)

However, that should ideally happen as soon as possible, as I'm trying hard to finish and close the use-case analysis phase.

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What's happening with this? This is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm rebuilding the websites for a Professor/Author at MIT and I want to be able to have shared content across the sites, yet have individual websites for each book. The sites currently exist as: -- static pages using dreamweaver, but not using libraries or templates -- metadot! Seriously needs updating! -- new website built using Drupal 7 & Mix & Match theme

In the future, additional book website will be added. But the goals for now are:

1) Single page/node for common pages such as Author Bio, Contact information, Event scheduling, etc.
2) The ability to share some items (speaking engagements, reviews, interviews) across every site, or just the main author site and a specific book site
3) Ease of use for an admin assistant to update the site(s) and create new content
4) feed/connections with Social Media

Can I help? Can you help me?

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Hello sbarsky!

This project is a slow-moving community effort at designing a packaged Drupal distribution with an eye for "portfolio" sites. This issue describes one of the use cases to guide the (if/when) work on building the distro.

While you can certainly use Drupal to assemble a system for your use case, I'm afraid this project won't be a short or middle term help. You might want to check out the Distributions of Drupal page to see if there are any products that have reached a usable state that might help you build what you are looking for.

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Thanks for your answer, I'll look at that listing.

The main thing I'm looking for is the ability to share content among different sites. If you can give me any pointers for that it would be very much appreciated.

Please also let me know when I can be of help for this project. For the MIT sites, and I also have contacts with both Charlie and George via the science fiction community.

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