This issue is very similar to this post, but those requests are geared to the 'text field' CCK type. I'm having a slightly different problem...

  1. I have installed Drupal Commerce (using the manual install method)
  2. I'm now working with the default 'Product" content type (at /admin/commerce/products/types)
  3. Following these instructions, I've added a CCK field for "Long Text" to facilitate a product description
  4. In the settings for my "Long Text" field, under 'Text processing' I have selected: Filtered text (user selects text format)

Given these settings, I'd expect when I go to create a new product, the rich-text editor would be available. Instead, it defaults to "Plain text" (a seemingly separate issue)...

But when I click "Full HTML", nothing happens (the same is also true when I select Filtered HTML).

This strikes me as a fairly large issue, because Drupal Commerce requires adding a CCK field for text descriptions (which most products will have). Not being able to use the CKEditor rich-text editor for these descriptions presents problems...

Thanks for any help on this!

- Jim

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We try check this. Patch is nice welcome :)

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I confirm this behaviour.

On a custom text field on which a user can select from multiple text formats, the wysiwyg will *not* load on the edit/create if the text format was not set to a wysiwyg enabled text format when you opened the create/edit form.

You can partially get around this by adjusting the weights of your input formats here admin/config/content/formats. If you ensure a wysiwyg enabled input format is at the top of this list, then you won't have the problem on node create forms.

The problem will still exist if you are editing an existing node where fields have been saved in a text format that is not wysiwyg enabled.

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571 bytes

I've had chance to look at the problem today and the wysiwyg is always available for "longtext & summary" fields but only available for "longtext" fields if the field has been previously saved in a wysiwyg format or on content creation, the filed defaults to a wysiwyg format.

See attached patch for proposed fix.

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@mrsimonelliott thank you for your patch . We will check it. Please be patient.

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Can confirm the patch in #3 fixed this pesky issue for me. Thanks for the patch!

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thank you for review

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Title: CKEditor Doesn't Load on 'Long Text' CCK Field » [D7] CKEditor Doesn't Load on 'Long Text' CCK Field
Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Fixed

Really thx for patch and review.

I commit patch to GIT (diff), so pls update to last DEV version.


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.