You don't quite need a full Portfolio. You've got Linked In, and other services that you are active and happy using. What you need is a place for philosophical thoughts that you don't want buried in the cloud, or in other peoples' moderation queues.

This use case attempts to demonstrate a more stripped down Portfolio that could be expanded in the future.


The main goals of the site should be to communicate:

  • The authors blog posts and thoughts as a cohesive body, and as an external reference point in other discussions.
  • Authorial context to know who is speaking and why you care.
  • Where to find you to continue the discussion.


  • Blog posts
  • Where to find me (Hacker news, D.O, etc)
  • Syndicated content stream to observe participation

The Digital Philosopher probably wants to cling to an online identity, and won't want to mix in resume or contact information explicitly.

Social Media

#1340478: Social Network Links is important to carry the discussion back to the communities this person frequents. He will likely want preferred social links highlighted above the general pool of services, so the conversation "continues" in places he's already participating.


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Title: A personal use-case: Digital Philosopher » A specific use-case: Digital Philosopher
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