This is a first effort at defining the use case of a Developer's portfolio site. I figured someone should do it. Hoping followup edits will clean out a couple places that encroach a bit too far into implementation, ran out of time tonight.


The main goals of the site would be to communicate:

  • Share tips, tricks, and tech philosophy with people, and get refining feedback.
  • Be a living CV, a core resume that might further be decorated with public activity via RSS feeds. (github, d.o, twitter)
  • Advertise the technologies, projects, and websites you participate in.
  • How to contact (and ideally hire) you.


The main types of content would be:

A freelance developer might have a number of different technology stack stacks and open source technologies that they write about, will probably need to categorize posts by them to some degree.

Different technologies would probably not strictly define different sections of a site, but should have a landing page more interesting than a taxonomy listing.

Social media

#1340478: Social Network Links is important to encourage people to take your ideas viral into their own overlapping social communities.

Each technology stack might be associated with one or more "Planet" aggregator, so a clean syndication tagging system is key for broad distribution.

Automatic tweet of posts you see as especially worth reading. (E.g., All "promoted" posts get auto-tweeted?)


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Love the fancy syntax highlighting already :)

Thanks for this!

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Agreed this looks great. Thanks!

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Another +1 for the fancy syntax!

I've recently been kicking around how to do a nice professional Drupal 7 site for my resume/cv and also incorporate some wiki features to showcase some stuff I have recently worked on and a place to stick all my Linux notes and code snippets and other important junk.
This sounds great!  I'm not a coder, but I'd love to help. Thanks!!

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A very very typical and well done developer portfolio: (Adrian Rossouw, original author of Drupal's Form API ;))

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I've been really happy with the Code Filter module on my site. Its simple, clean and lightweight. Its based on the code/php filter in the Project module. There are others out there, but this one is light and really nice. I think its worth inclusion for the default code blocks and php syntax highlighting.

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@#6, any code highlighter that only handles one language is myopic. This use case needs a single, well-integrated code highlighter than can cover as many languages as possible. If it can also play nice with Markdown we'll have resolved one of the larger challenges specific to developer-blog build-out ;)

While we're at it, I love the Lullabot trick of expanding the text area on mouse over. :)