Structured data is a great way to enhance the flexibility of any website. Portfolio sites could often function as the canonical source of information about a person, so this is a great opportunity to use Drupal's built-in RDFa capabilities. We could also implement the microformats version.


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Issue tags: +RDF, +RDFa, +microformats, +microdata

Can I just say: Yes. Yes, YES!

*SCNR* ;)

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I would appreciate if you let me to participate to this project. I'm interested in implementing Resume feature with full microformats support.

And at the planning phase i would like to discuss the general concept of the feature.

Do we need to provide a multiuser resume support?
If we do, than, i think, it would be great to start with the Profile2 "Resume" profile type.

Or we need just a static hresume page, customizable through the admin interface, with custom url etc. ?

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Title: Provide structured data on CV/resume page » Feature: CV/resume (using structured, machine-readable data)

Adjusting title.