If I think about portfolio I always think of views_slideshow or jcarousel.



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I also think some kind of slideshow would be cool in the portfolio distribution, but I;m not sure about the module you propose. I used Views Slideshow in Drupal 6, but since there is no upgrade path from x.1 to x.2, when I upgraded the site to Drupal 7 I would get fatal errors, this has been reported on the issue queue. Generally I've found that lots of people have trouble with the 7.x release of views slideshow, but I don't want to spread any FUD or anything like that, just speaking of personal experience. The slideshow module I think is great in Drupal 7 is Field Slideshow, which works for a good variety of user-cases.

The problem with Field Slideshow is obvious what if you want to add additional fields to your slideshow. This is why I mostly do slideshows in the theme level using templates and my favorite jQuery plugin of the month. This brings the question, will portfolio come with a portfolio friendly theme? If so, I could work on a cool slideshow for that, but I guess we need to open another issue for this.

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Well, this project would be a good way to steer energy into improving Views Slideshow.

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I maintain Scrollable Content, so I can manage to drive it's development in a way that suits this project best.

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I think views slideshow is best utilized for more of a front page type slideshow (or section level slideshows)... and then have field slideshow as the default display on the node level.

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Gallery formatter is another option for the node level image display.