I have an ecommerce site and thought this module would be very useful in the front page. I was wondering if I could send users to a particular taxonomy page or a product page from the various images. For example, I have three images in the slider. The first image is a hot new product, the second image is a group of products, and the third image is a best selling product. How can I create a link that would send users who clicked on the first image to the hot new product page? How can I create a link that would send users who clicked on the second image to the taxonomy page and so forth? I see a lot of popular ecommerce sites that can do this and was interested in knowing if this module has the capability to do the same.


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Would also be interested in this

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You can create a node reference field or a text field in the content type of your slide. Then simply use this field as the Nivo slide link in the row style options of the view.

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Version: 6.x-2.0 » 7.x-3.x-dev


I've tried the suggestion to add a text field and use this field as link but it doesn't work (in my case).

Pls check: www.goeletteinternational.com

On the frontpage is a nivo slider with some new projects (images). That slider works perfectly but I want to link the image to the content of that project. (not to the node of the image or the image itself but to a separate node).
If you take a look at the site you'll see what I mean: e.g. if you click (in the French part of the site) on the slider image of "the grilles sudoku" then you should be referred to: http://www.goeletteinternational.com/fr/content/le-temps-des-jeux-0
But I can not get this arranged. I'm a bit desperate as I tried (almost) everything: add link image / link / text as field in content type, customized the view...
What am I doing wrong??? Any ideas or help? Thank you very much!

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Can you post your view and let me know which version you are using?