I have noticed on the screen sht on the module front page the same issue I am getting with the Comments i.e

"Great picture you postedGreat picture you posted"

Firstly even though Title is turn off in Content Types the Comments is taken as the title and leads right into the Comment body text with any spaces etc.

Please advise..

Also I have had issues trying to uninstall this version and install the dev version, I get DB errors etc.


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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

The comment title is never used in heartbeat, only the node comment body. So it's better to never use the comment title token in your messages.

Uninstalling the module completely (so disable all and install all) should work
Updating your site without disabling the module will work as well.
Disabling and later enabling it "could" have led to database fields not being there ... I don't know how core fixes that. But I am sure all problems are gone already in dev version.

If you can't find a solution to your problems, then it's better to inform me with the steps how I can reproduce this. You can re-open this issue then.

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i'm having the same problem on a fresh installation.

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i just solved this issue by editing the rule named: "Log activity when a node is commented"

i deleted the "comment:title" part in that rule's actions (which was unnecessary in my case), and the title is no longer displayed.