I am using the relatively new entityreference module. I have a reference then from content type A to content type B.

The problem: After adding an exposed filter of the reference to B, I cannot make it use any input type other than simple text field.

Under FILTER CRITERIA I have tried all these:
Content: B:delta (exposed)
Content: B:target_id (exposed)
Content: B:target_type (exposed)

However, when I go to "Exposed form style: BEF Settings" there is no option to choose any input type for any of the three trials I made; there is just the Descriptio text area for each.

Any kind of input format will be helpful in my state (i.e., Select list, check boxes) although Autocomplete is the classis choice.

I am not sure whether this should be supported and I actually experiences a bug or it is not supported. If it is just a bug, please let me know and and change the category of this issue.



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I have very little experience with Entity References (though they look awesome and powerful!) so I'm not sure if BEF and References can work together. In general, if the exposed filter options does not include a list option (usually displayed as a select element), then BEF can't tweak the filter display options. If there is an option similar to the "allowed values" filter for CCK fields, then BEF should be able to work with References.

If not, then it's up to the module supplying the exposed filter options adding an option that enumerates all available filter options.

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I tried several patches from #1253776 i.e. this patch. These didn't provide the needed functionality we need.

However the solution lies in the attached patch of issue #1392702

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (works as designed)

Closing based on #3 (and the overall age of the issue...)

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