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Shows how to use Coder module to help with cleaning up code. Use Coder along with the Coding standards and Writing secure code references to make that code sparkle. Video is 9 minutes.

Get the .mov (20 MB) | Get the .mp4 (38 MB) | Get the torrent (.mp4 - 38 MB)

A few comments about things not addressed in the video:

  1. This is using the 5.2.x version. The 5.3.x version hasn't been released yet
    (while we're still debating the performance review), but the version
    has a few improvements.
  2. You can set defaults on the admin/settings/coder page and then visit to run the defaults. In this way you can setup
    all of your options once, for all of your modules, and re-run it easily.
  3. Similarly, if your defaults are set with the right reviews and include
    options, you can also visit to run the default
    reviews on the one module. You can click on the module name on the
    admin/build/modules page to do exactly this.

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