When adding a ckeditor plugin using the hook_ckeditor_plugin hook the button for that plugin is not appearing on the toolbar. Looking at the function ckeditor_load_plugins in ckeditor.lib.inc it looks like some regex tries to extract the button information from the javascript js file. This appears to work successfully but then the button is not then added to the plugins array.



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Here is a patch which works for me.

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Can you check your plugin with latest DEV version ? I changed mentioned regex in ckeditor_load_plugins function. Can you upload plugin which doesn't work for you ?

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Hi michal_cksource ,

I tried the latest dev version and found the same problem which is fixed by the patch I submitted. Its not the regex as that finds the button correctly, but after the regex has found the button the code does not add the button to the $plugins variable.

Attached is my ckeditor plugin module.

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thank you @johnennew we will check this. Please be patient.

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@johnennew, i fix it and commit to GIT. Thx for report it.

Pls update to last DEV version.


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Title:CKeditor plugins added with hook_ckeditor_plugin button not appearing in the toolbar» [D6] CKeditor plugins added with hook_ckeditor_plugin button not appearing in the toolbar

Status:Fixed» Closed (fixed)

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