After enabling forum and advanced forum, i managed to create categories but this error occurs when i try to make new post.

Notice: Undefined index: node in advanced_forum_allowed_node_types() (line 1017 of /sites/all/modules/advanced_forum/advanced_forum.module).

You are not allowed to post new content in this forum.


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Category: bug » support
Priority: Major » Normal

Do you have problems creating new forum post when AF is disabled? Do you have Forum Access or similar module(s) installed? Is it D7 clean install or upgrade from D6?

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I have not tried core forum alone before installing AD, i enabled both in same time.
Clean D7 install.

After disabling AD i get no error but still get "You are not allowed to post new content in the forum."

Checked permissions and rebuilt them several times.

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I'm assuming AD is a typo for AF? If so, if you are not allowed to post content in the forum with AF disabled, then AF won't let you, either. Moreso, AF tends to choke on it more if the site has issues that aren't allowing posting.


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Yeah sorry, typo.

Thats my guess too, but have no clue where to look next as all permissions seem to be correct.

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It can sometimes be a result of the forum vocab messed up. I don't know if that's still an issue in D7. It was in D5/6 and there are issues about it in the core forum queue.


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I don't know if this is related, but I've set up permissions on my forums such that certain forums are restricted-access. So certain forums shouldn't be seen at all by certain users. This mostly works, except that the "New Forum Posts" view shows ALL New Forum Posts, including ones that the user doesn't have permission to look at. So they see a tantalizing list of topics, many of which give them permission errors if they try to follow the link.

It would be better if the "New Forum Posts" were filtered such that it shows only those posts for which the current user has permission to view.

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Title: You are not allowed to post new content in this forum. » Same situation here


I'm facing exactly the same situation after migrating from D6 to D7 (AF 7.x-2.0).

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in forum_menu_local_tasks_alter() (line 175 of /var/www/vhosts/

You are not allowed to post new content in this forum.

I can't even post as Admin.

Any idea of what we should look for at DB level would be extremely useful (I've been trying to fix from within Drupal, but so far no luck)

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This is a related post:

And also what it seems to be the problem:

Do you know what machine names we should use?

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Title: Same situation here » You are not allowed to post new content in this forum.

it's not the 'same situation'. please don't hijack unrelated issues -- no where does this issue mention a forum_menu_local_tasks_alter in forum.module. This issue queue is for advanced forum.

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You are right. My fault reading the post.

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This is an error produced by enabling both the forum and advanced forum at the same time. Luckily since your forums should have no content this method fixes the issue. If your forum has content and you have re-enabled both forum and advanced forum this error may not be produced (not tested) and this method is not recommended. Use only on forums with no content and at own risk.

1/ Back up site and database.
2/ Disable advanced forum. Run yoursite/update.php.
3/ Disable forum. Run yoursite/update.php.
4/Log into phpMyAdmin and click on your database.
Click and highlight
Drop the selected items from using the tab at the bottom of the page.
Click the search tab and do a thorough search for the term "forum" ensuring to highlight the select all tab.
Delete any search results with the word forum.
6/ Enable forum. Run sitename/update.php
7/ Enable Advanced Forum. Run sitename/update.php.

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I too had this same problem but, even when AF was disabled I needed to change permissions on forums

Forum topic: Create new content (check "Authenticated Users")

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In our case someone accidentally deleted the field term reference "Forums" on the content type. This fixed our issue

drush -l localdev pm-disable -y advanced_forum
drush -l localdev pm-disable -y forum

drush -l localdev pm-uninstall -y advanced_forum
drush -l localdev pm-uninstall -y forum

delete vocabulary "Forums"

drush -l localdev pm-enable -y forum
drush -l localdev pm-enable -y advanced_forum