I wonder if it is possible to create a block from a sitemap setting?


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I wonder if this could be implemented as a Bean plugin. http://drupal.org/project/bean_twitter_pull is a good example of using Bean to allow users to create and configure their own blocks that integrate with a module and its settings.

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Interesting for a feature request. This may just work with a module like,
Have not tested, as /sitemap link may not be treated as a normal 'node.'
The block option could be created for site_map, with some more code.

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If I could link it into a panels existing node under add content

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@headdragon Yes, worth a look. Support for that would likely be quick. Seems like this should be tested, and assuming if not there, just another hook to get it to show up.

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Have the actual sitemap not the more show up in the block would be great.

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Right, that was what I was thinking also, although may need a way to selectively limit the data shown.

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Status:Needs work» Active

Changed to active until there is a patch.