If I use Advanced Aggregation, do I need to disable Drupals "Optimize JavaScript files" and "Optimize CSS files" on admin/settings/performance?


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Yes you do!

“With this module installed / active, you will be able to change the standard CSS/JS aggregation settings at admin/settings/performance page to disable them (it is a required step!), as they are no longer hardcoded by default if the AdvAgg module(s) exists”

Once you have installed AdvAgg and enabled the following advagg modules:

-AdvAgg Compress CSS
-AdvAgg Compress Javascript
-Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation

…in admin/settings/performance, the Druapl ‘Optimize CSS files’ and ‘Optimize JavaScript’ files are already automatically disabled!

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Thanks for the reply, but I also use "CSS Embedded Images" module and on the module page it says:

This processing is only done when Drupal's CSS optimization feature is enabled under Administer > Site configuration > Performance.

So if I disable "Optimize CSS files" - "CSS Embedded Images" module won't work?

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CSS Embedded Images module will work if you've applied the latest patch or use the fork (same code)

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The fork above doesn't have the module code. I'll try the "latest patch".

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The latest code patch for 'CSS Embedded Images' works fine in this case [advagg].
Have been using it for some time = 'no issues'

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Version: 6.x-1.6 » 6.x-1.9
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I have start using the module on three separate sites. Optimize CSS files’ and ‘Optimize JavaScript’ files was not disabled automatically on any site.

Note I'm using Pressflow.

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It's not supposed to change the configuration like that on install.