The markup around the breadcrumb needs to be updated for HTML5. We should try to follow what's going on in D8 core.

See #1347266: Convert theme_breadcrumb() to HTML5



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Title:Convert breadcrumb to HTML» Convert breadcrumb markup to HTML
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Status:Fixed» Postponed

We'll still need to track #1347266: Convert theme_breadcrumb() to HTML5 to see if the final patch changes the markup.

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Title:Convert breadcrumb markup to HTML» Convert breadcrumb markup to HTML5

Not sure how I missed the 5 on the end of the issue title. :-p

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Status:Postponed» Needs review
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It became an <ol> :)

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Status:Needs review» Fixed

Yep. Just noticed that.

Thanks, Maarten! You've got a commit now. :-)

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..and the css

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Component:CSS/HTML markup» layout.css
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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.