I'm attempting to upgrade from 7.x-1.9 to 7.x-2.2 using the traditional method (deselect the module on the modules listing page, delete the old files, upload the new files, refresh and reselect the module on the module listing page, run update.php).

However I'm encountering a problem at the first hurdle - the check box on the modules listing page is greyed out and followed by this message - "Required by: Drupal (Field type(s) in use - see Field list)".

I tried to skip this step and delete the old files, upload the new, refresh, reselect and run update.php and it worked, except the metatag fields on the content editing pages disappeared, as did the metatags in the HTML headers.

Obviously something is going wrong. Can you please describe the best process for upgrading so the fields and tags are preserved.

Thank you.


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I am not aware of any problem related to 1.9=>2.2 upgrade.
In theory, you should just run update.php and that would do the trick.
How did you define meta fields in 1.9? Via Fields UI (manage fields) or by choosing 'create basic fields' option?

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Thanks for the reply. I created keyword and description meta fields for separate content types using the Manage Fields UI.

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I have a same question as #moreorless
Please document how to upgrade from 1.x to 2.x
Thank you.

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My "standard" steps to upgrade a module are without disabling it:

  1. Backup site DB (I use backup_migrate)
  2. Put site into maintenance mode
  3. Remove old module folder
  4. unpack new module from downloaded archive
  5. run update.php
  6. Remove maintenance mode
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Okay, thanks, I got it.

There are also a couple of extra steps required to get it all functioning following the upgrade.

First, you have to go to the permissions page (/admin/people/permissions) and allow "Administer metatags(quick)" and "Edit meta tags" for the appropriate roles.

Second, when using fields, you need to go to the 'Manage Display' interface for each content type (/admin/structure/types/manage/content_type/display) and select the "Default metatags_quick link" format type for each metatag field.

Metatags_quick is a great little module and a fine replacement for Nodewords. Thanks for all the work that's been put into it, but the documentation could be a lot clearer and a lot more detailed.